Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kardashian's at LAX!

Kardashian MADNESS at LAX airport! 

Went to the airport the other night to greet the Kardashian girls has they landed at Los Angeles airport! You guys all know that I won't pass up a Kardashian meet and greet in LA! Hahaha. Khloe, Kourt, Scott, Mason and Penelope were there. Because they have been in Miami so long it was a zoo! So many photographer were waiting for them to arrive! The were all friendly like always, but Kourtney doesn't like mingling with fans while she's with her children. One of the photographers told Mason happy birthday and Kourtney said, "It's disrespectful to call my children by their names!" Kourt told that photographer! Hahahaha. Khloe was holding Mason as they made their way to their escalades. Khloe was more than happy to roll down her window to chat with us and take pictures! I've been looking like crazy for a certain magazine that Khloe & Kim are on the cover of....I asked her where I could find it! Khloe had no idea, she asked if I tried googling it! I have though and still can't find it, and it's hard to because it's a Hong Kong magazine! 

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