Saturday, December 15, 2012

NOH8 event in Hollywood!

Attended the "No hate campaign," event the other day in Hollywood. Basically the event is about accepting people for who they are and not judging others. They support the "LGBT," community. They had a tiny carpet set up with a few celebrities that were there to support the event. Pauley Perrette goes every year to the event! As soon as the celebs got out of the car they were swarmed by autographer's and fans. Really the only person I wanted to meet was Pauley, and I did(: 

Both my friend and I went into the event and took a "NOH8" photo! The photos turned out super cool! I'll post the pictures below! They had TONS of photos posted everywhere, of all the people and some celebrities that posed for the campaign! And yes I found Kim Kardashians photo!! Hahaha. 

 Christopher Gorham
Drew Seely
Pauley Perrette, "NCIS"
With my girl Meg @ the NOH8 event! 
NOH8 photo! 

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