Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012 has gone by extremely fast....It feels like yesterday this year just started! Last New Years I went Ice Skating on New Years Eve, and fell on my butt a thousand times, my butt was sore for weeks! This winter in LA this year is MUCH colder than last years! MUCH! I feel like I have to bundle up more when I leave my house. 

2012 has been a pretty good year for me! I have learned a lot of new things and opened up new chapter's in my life. I have moved out of North Hollywood and live right in the center of Hollywood, I have met a few more celebrities that I have been wanting to meet, I visited my family three times this year, once in Florida and the last two times in Wisconsin and I attended my sisters Army Graduation in South Carolina.

  • Moved to Hollywood 
  • Switched over to the Galaxy 3S 
  • Finally got a California ID
  • Kim Kardashian knows my name now(: 
  • Met my favorite actress Jamie Lee Curtis and she wasn't friendly:( 
  • Got an INSTAGRAM, and now am OBSESSED 
  • Spent Christmas with an amazing family in the valley
TWENTY. TWELVE. has been an amazing and adventurous year, but 2013 will be even more adventurous! I have SOOO MANY plans for next year! Can't wait to tell everyone about them! And yes I have my fingers crossed for the job of a life dream job! 

Some of my FAVORITE moments of 2012. 

Saved the BEST photo for last, my best friend, my sister <3 
I'll post a bunch of photos from my iphone shortly, so don't be upset if I didn't photos of you guys! 

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