Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ops! Did I really say that?!

"Taylor, Why are youuu alwayssss soooo draaaamatic!" 

Yes I said that, to Taylor Swift! I wasn't being mean or anything just honest and truthful. Taylor is KNOWN in Hollywood for always being so dramatic about everything! Looks like Taylor and I have something in common! 

Taylor attended her friends movie premiere in Hollywood. She walked the red carpet but didn't bother going for to the fans. I think she gave a wave at least! Hahaha. Both my friends and I tried getting a photo with her, but she was being real dramatic! She told the girls she would take a photo but group photo, because "She was running late." The usual. One of the girls said she didn't even want to be in the picture because she was being so difficult! Hahaha. My friend and I asked her, she completley ignored us!! I mean my mom always taught me to not just ignore people; so....I said something. "Taylor at least acknowledge us, don't just straight out ignore us it's rude." She started to turn around after I said that. I told her, "Taylor why do youuu alwayssss have to be sooooo draaamatic?" She got real wiiiild! She goes "Duuuuude, really? I'm here for my friend and the movie is starting!" The funny thing is that the main star her friend, "Haliee" wasn't even there yet! Someone else goes, "the main star isn't even here yet Taylor!" 

Yes, I am a Taylor fan, I'm a fan of a lot of people, and yes I like a few of her songs! But ignoring people is sooo rude! 

Ran into Colin Farrell later that night! How can youu not love his accent! 

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