Tuesday, November 1, 2011

72 day marriage!!

Didn't want to get up this morning for work! I just wanted to sleep! I've been super busy like usual! I kept ignoring all my alarms!! I made it out of bed and headed to the NoHo arts district. I went to Starbucks and I had to take care of something at the bank. I needed to transfer money from my M&I account to Wells Fargo but I didn't know my pin! UGH! So I couldn't do it! I just want to close my M&I! bank account, they don't even have any here! I called them and they were unable to give me my pin number!! WHAT!? I got so stressed I ran over to Starbucks! I didn't have to much time because I had to go to work. I was pretty much complaining to everyone & everything that I encountered on the way to my bus about my bank accounts! I'm also not able to close down the account unless I'm at the actual branch. I made it to work on time and was happy like usual, I actually have a lot of fun at work. I make work fun, NOT boring! I worked from 2 until almost 10 pm. Halloween really isn't anything special in LA because, everyday ALL the freaks come out! It's Halloween everyday here! Starbucks is starting to use the christmas cups tomorrow!?....it feels so early for that! Don't you guys think!?!?! I don't want to see snowflakes on my cup....especially when it doesn't even snow in Los Angeles!

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce this morning. Ryan Seacrest tweeted that he had confirmed it with Kim. My twitter feed was blown up with the news; I even received a couple of text messages about it! I didn't believe any of it until I saw the tweet from Ryan. Kim was the one who wanted to get divorced, Kris "wanted to work things out." They spent over 10 million dollars on the "Fairytale" wedding! The wedding ceremony lasted longer than their marriage! I was thinking Kris was the one for her too!....I guess NOT! I still don't understand the whole thing!? 10 million on the wedding and a 2 million dollar ring!?
Kris, Kim is ALL mine!! :p

Saw this picture in a magazine at work today....I was here also snapping pictures here at the Grove. One day my picture is going to be in a magazine! It's on my bucket list! 

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