Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meeting Adam Sandler!

I worked a few hours today only.....and boy was it busy at work! OMG! It was so busy! I couldn't wait to get out of work so I could head over to Hollywood! We waited patiently for Adam Sandler to arrive to a television taping. We all called for him and he came right over by us.......walking really slow....and saying "you guys look like a nice crowd!" He's always joking around! I asked for a picture with him and he said, "go ahead, snap away!" I was like Adam! I want a picture with you! I don't think he likes taking pictures...some people just don't. After he was done signing he went into the building to tape the show. We tried calling Adam over after and he wouldn't come back by us! We started "booing" him! Adam peeked around the corner and "Booed" us back!! Hahaha. That was kind of funny! We also waited late for the Bangles to took them forever! By two of them came over by us.

Check out the pictures!

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