Friday, November 4, 2011

Meeting Robert Pattinson!

Haven't slept because of all the Twilight events that have been going on! AHHH! Waited forever to meet Rob Pattinson! I'm a bigger fan of "Water for Elephants" then all that Twilight business. I really think they are sick of all that Twilight stuff, they just want it to be over with! I waited for Rob FORVER! I was falling asleep I was waiting for him so long! When Rob came over by the fans, he signed autographs and took pictures! I asked him who his favorite Kardashian is? Rob laughed and said, "thats a difficult one! I talked to ROB! How awesome is that! I also found out afterwards that I'm on a few celebrity websites with videos of me meeting Rob! Rob signed for everyone! He went down this HUGE line! It was pretty awesome that he took the time to take pictures and sign autographs for everyone! As he made it to the end of the line the dealers started to get aggressive! So they had to escort Rob to his car.

Check out this great picture of me and Rob!

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