Friday, November 4, 2011

I just missed LINDSAY LOHAN!

Slept through both of my alarms this morning! I was suppose to get up at 4:30! I had to be to the twilight hand print ceremony early because tons of people were expected to show up! I got up at 8! Ahhh! How did I manage to sleep through all my alarms?! I was so upset! I made it to Hollywood around 9am! They closed off the WHOLE street! It was packed! Over 600 people! Helicopters were flying above us! The three cast members; Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner took awhile to show up because they were practicing putting their hand prints in the cement, it's a lot more difficult then you think! After they are finished, the block of concrete with their hand & foot prints is placed in the ground in front of the Chinese theatre. Many well known stars have foot prints and hand prints in front of the theatre. It's pretty neat. I'll post a picture of the hand & foot prints. After the ceremony another event was being set up. It was the premiere for J. Edgar! Leonardo Dicaprio is the main star of the movie. Leo showed up to the premiere in his cool looking sports car! We screamed for him to come over by us! He came right over and signed for everyone! He's awesome! After the premiere arrives I ran over where Kristin Stewart was being interviewed on a tv show. she came over to her fans, but security said if someone asked to take a picture with her,"she's leaving!" Sure enough someone asked for a picture! She was escorted to her escalade and took off! I was so pissed! So many people were waiting to meet Kristen! After that I ran back to where the after party was held and waited for the celebs to start showing up. Pretty much ALL of them just crossed the street and didn't drive! Leo even walked, and was swarmed by fans and photographers! I tried to get one more autograph but it was impossible!! I also ran into Jennifer Love Hewitt! She was so nice! We took a picture together before she went into the after party! It made my night! I waited around with friends seeing. Whoever else we would find. A little while after I left Lindsay Lohan arrived!! She was trying to get into the after party. I just missed my Lindsay! Ugh! I might try and see her at the morgue while she's doing her community service. I love my Lindsay Lohan! I'm NOT at ALL proud of her for all the bad stuff she's been doing but for her acting and modeling.

While waiting to meet Rob I took a picture with his wax figure at the wax museum in Hollywood!

Jennifer Love Hewitt(:

Location:Hollywood, CA

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