Friday, October 28, 2011


As I was going to the bus this morning some guy was like chasing after me for money! I'm like, "NO I don't have money! Leave me alone!" Can you walk down the streets of California without being chased down for money!! OMG! Geeze! More Starbucks training today! I really like working over there but I'm still learning the drinks! Still don't know how to make all of them yet! They are expecting me to know all of them already! I've only worked in Starbucks like 3 times! I got out of work and headed over to Costco in Los Feliz. Los Feliz is Northeast of Hollywood. I had to go there to pick up pictures for upcoming premieres and events I'm going to. I'm super excited for the Muppets premiere! There's a ton of people in that movie! I was thinking about bringing a poster to get signed by everyone, but it might get wrecked with bringing it everywhere! Another BIG premiere that's coming up is New Years Eve! I love going to ALL these premieres! So many events are coming up I'm going to be exhausted!! Ahh!

Ahhh! I have a story! So as I'm taking the bus to Costco...I couldn't even get on the bus!! Some guy had a HUGE bag of cans! He freckin brought like a WHOLE shopping cart on the bus! People couldn't even get on the bus! It was crazy! Then some other person with a bag of cans came on the bus. He started arguing with some lady! He said, "you all come here from Mexico not knowing any English! You only speak Spanish!" They were like arguing on the bus and he wouldn't let her off! These people are crazy in California!!

Look at this mess!! How are people supposed to get through!!! This is CRAZY!

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