Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red hat ladies taking over HOLLYWOOD!

I was able to sleep in until around 9 today! I remember back in Wisconsin sleeping in for me was around 2 in the afternoon! I haven't slept that late in forever! I met a friend in Hollywood at 11. We were planning on going to Dancing with the Stars rehearsals to get a few more pictures with the rest of the cast that we haven't gotten pictures with. I was able to meet Hope, Cheryl Burke, & Kym today. I saw Rob Kardashian again and JR, both of them are always so nice! Went over to where they rehearse for a few hours. We got the pictures we wanted and the autographs. Stopped at Target to get some of the breadsticks that they sell there at the Pizza Hut. YUMMM! I love em'! Headed back to Hollywood and went to a photo store that I always go to, to buy pictures if I need them at the last minute for events or premieres. I really didn't do to much today, had to come home and clean my room.

Look at this picture of the red head ladies on Hollywood Blvd.
They were TAKING OVER the jewelry stand!
KAT WOMAN! She's a photographer & works Hollywood Blvd. as CAT WOMAN! 
Cheryl Burke

I had to finish up getting pictures with everyone from Dancing with the stars! (:

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