Thursday, October 27, 2011

Roaming the streets of Hollywood....

Running around LA today!....again! I started work at I had to leave my house before 7am! I actually like working early sometimes to just get it over with. I can actually do things at night if i'm working in the morning. I was waiting for my second bus stop today and some old man was checking me out!....ehh! Really?! He couldn't stop looking at me!...He had a WALKER! I couldn't wait to get on the bus! I really don't know what it is with the old men in California checking me out! A few events were going on tonight. Right after work I headed to Hollywood. Both of the events really weren't that exciting. The guest list for one of the places had some pretty big names!....NONE of them showed up! These people say their attending events and then NEVER come! The only celebrity that I saw at the first event we checked out was Lauren Conrad on the red carpet....from a DISTANCE! The second place we went to check out was an awards show. A lot of the people that attended were people from Nickelodeon. I met someone from iCarly and Kris Allen from American Idol. We couldn't go on the property so we had to stand at the end of the ALWAYS! So when ever we saw someone we would just scream for them to come over by us. Kris Allen heard us but didn't come over because people needed to get out of the parking lot. But it turned out he drove behind us and STOPPED and got out of the car to say hi to us! Really how awesome is that!? He was like, "You guys wanted to say hi to me!" So cool! I took a picture with him and got his autograph. We also saw SLASH going into his car, but nobody called him over. It was getting so cold outside while we were waiting. We really didn't see many people.....A few of us headed back to Hollywood & Vine to catch the subway and to see if there was an after party near. It took me 2 hours to get home tonight because the subway and busses are so slow! My last bus I was waiting for came at midnight. I was waiting at the bus stop for an hour for it to come! I couldn't wait to get home and put in warm clothes! ;D

The guy from "iCARLY" I look FAT in this picture! I didn't even want to post it because of that reason! 

Kris Allen from American Idol! He was pretty awesome!

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