Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hugh Laurie...GO BACK TO THE UK!

Only worked 4 hours today...I headed right to Hollywood after Target. I was trying to get Hugh Laurie's autograph. Hugh never even came over by us! I guess he didn't want to sign :( We were all SCREAMING for him to come over! We even chased him down the street to try and get him! He drove so fast out of that parking lot! How RUDE! GO BACK TO THE UK! JERK! There was also a premiere going on at the same time down the street from where Hugh Laurie was....We kept going back and fourth to see who was arriving at the premiere. The premiere was "Like Crazy." Nobody I really knew was in the movie. It was still fun to go check out though. A bunch of the dealers were in the front clocking EVERYTHING! Us small people couldn't even see! UGH! The carpet wasn't that huge and not really any big names showed up to the premiere. A lot of running around!...and got NO autographs or pictures! Oh....well....big event tomorrow(: Some BIG names are suppose to show up! I can't wait! I have a bunch of pictures and movie covers I'm bringing!

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