Saturday, October 22, 2011

Working on my Paparazzi skills!

Slept in this morning because I stayed up so late last night! I've been working on my blog, getting my stuff together for the upcoming premieres and studying all my celebrity pictures I've been taking. I'm really trying hard to start making money off my celebrity pictures! I cleaned my room today because my clothes and autographs were starting to get out of hand! They were all over the place! Sometimes I don't even have time to put stuff away because I'm NEVER home! Work was great today! I cashiered again...ran into a bunch of interesting customers and I love all the people that I work with! I went to Subway before I started work. I talked to my Grandma on the phone and was telling her about running into the guy from Nip Tuck. I was like "Grama, the main doctor from "Nip Tuck" went through my line at Target!" She was like, "Ohh, he gave you a ride home?! How nice of him!" Really Gam Gam? Yes, the guy from Nip Tuck just gave me a ride home! I guess she was in a really LOUD restaurant! I had to put that on facebook and the blog! :D That made me laugh. After work I just headed home because it was already late. I'm working on ordering pictures for upcoming premieres. If you guys are interested at all, I'll sell you autographs of anyone that's in the new upcoming movies....just let me know! Who's autograph do you want!?

One of my Paparazzi friends posted the pictures that I took of Chaz & Lacey at the Grove on his site! He's trying to help me sell them! :D I'm trying to improve at my picture skills! 

Let me know if you guys are interested in any autographs! I'll hunt down whoever your favorite star is, and get you an autograph! I do charge for the HARD labor though :D Sometimes I have to do a lot of waiting for the premieres! Just let me know, & I'll get you your autograph! 

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