Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another day at the Grove(:

I set my alarm for a little before 6am, but I didn't get up until after 6. I had to be at the Grove before 9am. I was practicing shooting a couple of the Dancing with the Stars cast members. I was there early, and I guess Chaz and Lacey were running late. So the interview didn't start until around 9:30. It was actually pretty laid back today and like NO photographers! I really didn't start snapping that many pictures until Chaz and Lacey arrived on the stage. It was actually pretty cool they had a little dance floor set up so they could show off some of their moves! I really was hating on Chaz before!...but I guess he's okay...same with Lacey. They JUDGE the photographer behind the lens!! Just because I'm snapping pictures of them doesn't mean I'm "out to get them!" I can't be a fan with a camera!?!?! RUUUUDE! I'm guessing that they automatically judge the person behind the camera!...After I snapped a few pictures of them I said Hi to both of them..They were very friendly and both said hi and Lacey brought her dog with her. I'm working on taking pictures on the run! But it's extremely hard! Taking pictures of someone walking towards you with a group of security around them, really isn't that easy! But a few of the pictures turned out during the interview. I wish I got better ones, but I'm working on it! I just have to keep practicing! This whole Paparazzi thing is much harder than I thought it would be! OMG! Half the mission is hunting down the stars! Then I need to beat out the other photographers! AHH! I have so much to learn!

Well anyways...check out some of the pictures I took today...Let me know what you honest! Don't be afraid to post comments! DO IT! I need your opinions!

OKAY Kim Kardash!

 Gottcha! Lacey! She's looking right at my lens! 
I LOVE how the dog is just looking right at Mario! 

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