Sunday, October 23, 2011


Worked ALL day today! From 9am until 5 in the evening! I actually would love if I started work everyday at around 9. I got up at around 7am and was out of the house by 8am. The busses ALL came on time, and I made it to work on time! It was perfect!! & I wasn't even cranky in the morning! I felt alive & healthy!! It was awesome!!!! When I got to work I got something quick to eat for breakfast. I usually try and get to work a little early so I can relax...on my first break I got starbucks! I'm loving the iced vanilla lattes with hazelnut! You guys have to try it if you haven't!! Yum! It's my new favorite thing to drink at Starbucks! My shift actually went by pretty fast. When it's busy at work, time always flies by super fast! I love being bounced around and cashiering, working at Starbucks and food ave! I get so bored if I'm stuck in the same place everyday! Like today I went back and fourth from cashiering to Starbucks! I ended work at 5:00 and had to be out of there
By like 5:00 because I had to get to Costco before 6pm!! I had to pick up pictures for the premiere! I took a cab because it Probably would've taken me hours to get there on a Sunday! It was my first time driving in a taxi! The driver was from Thailand! I felt like he took the long way because he knew I wasn't from here! Taking the highway to get somewhere that's less than 5 miles away?!?! The taxi ride cost me $31.00! I was shocked!!! Why is it so expensive to be driven by another person?! I asked the driver if all taxi drivers are aggressive and beep a lot! He said, "the younger ones drive like crazy!" I made it in time to Costco! I went in to go get my pictures and I forgot my membership card!! I had to go and get a temporary card...they wouldn't let me buy my pictures without it. I went home right after ... Premiere day tomorrow in Westwood! I love those kind of days! Celebs & autographs!....if we're lucky!! I'll give you guys the full story after the premiere!!

My first premiere in Westwood was GLEE! These are my LA friends! That I met at the premiere! That Glee premiere was one of the coolest things that's ever happened! What a great day that was!

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