Monday, October 24, 2011

LA premiere of PUSS & BOOTS!

Got up so early and went to the Puss & Boots premiere in Westwood! The first bus by my house came at 7:40! Thats WAY to late to leave for a premiere! Stupid Sundays MESS everything up!! UGH! So I walked down to the next main street to Lankershim. The busses leave much earlier there! I got to that stop around 6am. This little dog was following these two ladies around by the bus stop! No LEASH! I asked her if that was her dog…She said, "No, it's my neighbors doggie and it follows me everywhere!" What the hell is wrong with you!!? You don't just let a small little dog follow you around North Hollywood and then just get on the bus and leave it!! The dog was running back and fourth across the street chasing things! The bus came and she told the dog that he had to stay. The dog was trying to JUMP right on the bus! Some people are just idiots! This is why I like animals much more than people!! The bus I jumped on took me right to the North Hollywood station. I then had to catch another bus on Sunset & Highland that took me right to Westwood. Westwood is right by UCLA and it's on the way to Santa Monica. I'm just trying to help you guys out on where it's located, so you kind of have a picture of where it's at (for the people in Wisconsin.) Made it to the premiere around 8am. So many dealers were already there! But my friend saved me a spot so I wasn't going to be way in the back not being able to even see the celebrity as they approached! The dealers have so many photos and pictures they shove ALL their boards and photos right over you! Us fans just hit them right off of us! :) I had a couple Items that I wanted signed, I got them ready and organized before the guests started arriving! It was pretty neat, they had cats in costumes….and a HUGE pair of BOOTS on the carpet! I'll post the pictures below! Antonio was the first person to cross the street by us. He's always very nice to his fans….Selma Hayek  pretty much arrived at the same time and both of them came over. It was CRAZY! I was pushed up against the barricades! I pretty much couldn't even breathe! The barricade was falling over! I was almost on the ground! My backpack fell in a puddle of water, good thing it's North Face! It's waterproof! I was yelling for the security guy to pick up my backpack before it fell!….But he didn't make it over in time! After all the guests arrived we headed closer to the theatre entrance, right by Starbucks. They pretty much stick you in the bushes over by Starbucks! Things got so CRAZY over there as Billy Bob Thorton arrived! GEEZE These people were animals! I was falling on the bushes and pushed up against the barricade so HARD I thought my hip bones were going to BREAK! I told one of the NASTY OLD dealers to "GET BACK!" He's disgusting, I don't want him on me, and he needs to clean his self up! YUCK! I did get my autograph though, Billy signed at least 100! He was signing away! He only gave a wave on the way in, and just passed us up. But he randomly came over to us by Starbucks and signed for everyone and took pictures. I had no clue that he was going out with Angelina Jolie!! My Grandma informed me! It was a pretty good day getting autographs! The only person that I didn't get was Zach from "The Hangover." I left the premiere after all the excitement was done. I then headed to work and was there a little early. I cashiered went by fast again! :) I was so tired after work I went to bed at 11! I was out of the house for 17 hours! I was exhausted!!!! 

Check out my pictures from the 'Puss & Boots" premiere!

LOOK at these BOOTS!
I wore my BOOTS to "Puss & Boots!"

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