Monday, October 17, 2011

Snooki SNUCK away...again!

What a day!....Another long day chasing Snooki down! She had an interview at the Grove at 1:30. I was at the Grove like 2 hours before the interview started! It was pretty busy today at the Grove! The more people that are there, the harder it is to get photos with the guests on EXTRA. It was pretty sunny and hot outside. I was the first person to show up for the interview so I was picking wherever I wanted to stand! Nobody was going to get in my way! NOBODY! All these old people were there for the interview....are you serious?! You shouldn't even be watching Jersey Shore! GO HOME! Snooki arrived 10 minutes late to the interview. They informed us that she had arrived, and was on her way out. I pulled out my camera and had an extremely hard time getting good pictures of her coming to the stage. Because I was with the crowd and not the photographers today, so it was much harder to get photos. She came onto the Stage and said hi to everyone....Her make-up artist put more make-up on her and asked her if she wanted more hairspray. The interview started and they talked about her new tanning lotions. After the interview she turned around so people could get good pictures of her. I sure got a good picture! :D It actually turned out pretty good! She was looking right at my lens! Thanks for the shot Snooki! I was planning to get a picture with her after the interview, but it was much harder than I thought! I managed to get as close as I possibly could to her. I asked, "Nicole, can I please take a photo with you?" What did she say!?!....."HI." I asked for a picture with you! I NEVER said HI to her, I asked a question? Who says "HI" when you ask to take a picture with someone!?!? Snooki (Nicole) says she's ALL about her fans, she loves her fans and she has said that she loves tweeting them back. I have seen this girl the last 4 times she's been in LA and NOTHING! No autograph and NO photo! She didn't take time for NOT even ONE fan today!...& I thought I was going to get lucky! HA! Once again Snooki disappointed many fans, at the Grove today. Her fame isn't going to last forever, the attention is going to go away. It's like she loves ALL the attention but she doesn't reach out to others at ALL! As soon as Jersey Shore is over all that fame is going to go away!...if you can even say that she's "famous." Snooki's whole "I love my fans" image is bullshit. She likes the photographers and that's it. She will smile for the photographers but turn down fans. Way to disappoint many fans today Snooki....once again!

After the Grove I headed to this place that buys, Celebrity videos and photos, they are open 24 hours. I checked it out with one of my friends. The building is so shady! DARK front windows and the doors were locked! Finally someone came out of the building. She informed us how things work there. She didn't give to many examples though! She kept saying we WANT current news! I said, "Snooki" at the Grove 20 minutes ago?" She said, "NO!" Ummm...okay...what then!? So we left, I had enough of that woman.

I stopped at Cold Stone in Hollywood before I went home, I was craving ice cream! LIKE ALWAYS!

 She looked right at me! 

Nicole getting ready right before the show starts. 


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