Friday, May 11, 2012


Busy busy BUSY day! I went to like three different events in one day! I was out from 7am until like 1 am!! I first attended a star ceremony in Hollywood. There were a few guest speakers that I wanted pictures with so I went. I waited until the event ended to try and meet the guests. The guests included, Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest & Miranda Cosgrove. They were all very pleasant! I now have met Kris Jenner four times now so she remembers me(: I had her sign our photo that we took together on Rodeo drive a few months ago. I asked her about Kimmie.....and showed her my new phone case, (with the Kardashians on it.) She loved the phone case! We talked for a little then we took another photo together! Ohh yeah I almost forgot! I brought up about how "Kendall & Kylie hacked her twitter a few days ago! She was like, "They just thought that was so funny!" They were tweeting some crazy things! Hahahaha. I  was also able to get autographs from Ryan Seacrest & Miranda Cosgrove. I have been wanting to meet Ryan since I moved out to LA. But I really wasn't able to meet him! ugh! It was a quick autograph and that was it! One of the photographers was asking stupid questions and scared him away! I was so pissed! I don't like just getting photos and autographs from these celebrities!...I like to talk to them too!
Saw my LA mom "Kris Jenner" again! 
Miranda Cosgrove was more than happy to sign autographs! She super nice, a little quite. 
Ohh yeah totally forgot!! I got up early and headed to the "Glee" set! They were filming in Hollywood at some house. Lea Michele & Cory were expected to be on set...and they were. We saw them arrive. Cory was super nice like always! But Lea Michele, wouldn't even acknowledge us! She acted very much like a diva! Cory was able to walk across the street for his breakfast but Lea had it delivered to her filming chair! Really Lea!? I'm not hating on Lea at all but the "fame" is getting to her head! I'll post one photo that I took of her on my iphone. It's not the best, it's from a distance.

Later I went to the Battleship premiere. I'm a Rihanna fan and I really wanted a picture with her or even an autograph! I like a few of the people that were in the movie too! Rihanna would not take pictures or even sign autographs for the fans! NOTHING! I'm still a fan but really Rihanna!? This was your first film! PROMOTE IT! Hahaha. Ohh well....This is my second time seeing her, the first time I saw her she flipped us off! The movie was was kind of cheesy! Rihanna played a good part, not to big. I think there was so much HYPE over the movie because Rihanna was in it. But the main guy Taylor Kitsch was great in the movie! He's a great actor!

Joe Manganiello from "True Blood!" 


  1. Ok, How do you get those autographs? I'm so jealous because i'm from PerĂº and i will never have the chance to meet my favorite artists :( I LOVE Kris Jenner, she is so awesome.
    I saw your iphone case in you twitter... loved.

  2. Well, I live in Los Angeles! A lot of these celebrities live here and there always traveling and leaving out of LAX. I've seen Kris Jenner four times now, love her! Who are some of your favorite celebrities?

  3. Oh, you're so lucky. I love my country but nobody famous lives here lol
    Well, too many people. I love Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, i'm obsessed with them. I love the kardashian clan and a lot more people like Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, Rachel McAdams, Miley Cyrus, etc, etc... I think I love all celebrities <3