Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First MALE ever on ELLE magazine!

David Beckham is the first male to be featured on "ELLE" magazine! He's on the cover of June's issue! Check out the photos! The magazine is on newsstands, May 30th! I'll have to pick up my copy before I fly back home to Milwaukee! 

It's time for a NEW photo with Mr. Beckham. 
The sun totally killed this photo! 

The ALL NEW "Keeping up with the Kardashians" episode tonight showed us what Kim looked like with a wig! Hahaha. Her whole family and everyone thought she was being so uptight!...so she would meet them at their houses and out to dinner in all these different wigs! They were getting embarrassed by all the crazy wigs! They just couldn't take Kimmie Seriously! 

Here's a couple paparazzi shots of Kim in her blonde wig! I really don't know if they thought it was real or not! I think there's a video when she stepped out in her wig somewhere online. 

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