Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeing Kim Kardashian again!

I was able to see Kim Kardashian again! I was going to say "meet" but, I have met her more than a few times now! Kim was out promoting the new season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." She was was being driven in an escalade to the event. As Kim was leaving she was more than happy to roll down her window and sign for the fans. I had my HUGE photo-op of both of us that I wanted her to sign! She starting signing it and I asked her to personalize it and she already started writing my name! I got a few autographs! She placed the photo on her lap so it didn't get wrecked while she continued to sign.  Everything that I had got signed, I should have brought more things to get signed. I then asked if we could take a picture and she said, "Of course! We always do doll!" We took two photos, she took the pictures(: We did a "Kissy Lips" photo and her publicist was laughing! She thought it was funny. Hahaha. I asked her about the "DASH" store opening because I haven't heard anything about it! She told me that she will post it on her blog. Pretty much everyone got their stuff signed and she rolled the window up. She started rolling it back down again....I forgot my HUGE photo-op in her car...on her lap! She was screaming "WAIT...NIKO!" Was I really hearing this?! Kim Kardashian saying MY name!? How exciting! Kim's such a chilled laid back woman. She rolls down the window snacking on something! Hahaha. Gotta love Kim! 

My personalized photo! <3 This will be framed!

Right after I saw Kim, I tweet her quick, and she tweets me right back!? CRAZY huh? I was like WHAT!? Like literally a minute later my phone vibrates and its Kim's tweet! 

Later I headed to a premiere in Hollywood. I really was just going to meet my friends. I had to show them my photos and they told me a few stories about the premiere and waiting ALL day! My friend wanted to get a picture with Chace Crawford and she did! I watched Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Casper Smart, and Matthew Morrison arrive to the premiere. Cameron Diaz did sign some autographs...but not to many, I don't think. She looks different like she has had face work!...Well I guess it happens to everyone in Hollywood! We were going to wait for the after party but we just decided to leave. I got Taco Bell with a friend before I headed back to North Hollywood for the night. 

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