Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kathy Griffin serving DONUTS!

Kathy Griffin was filming her show "KATHY" today in the valley! A couple friends and I went to go check it out. I love seeing Kathy she always makes me laugh! Kathy was filming in a Donut shop in Burbank, selling Donuts.....in a bikini! Both came out and told everyone that they would be filming so we might be on the show. She talked a little to the photographers answering questions. They started bringing people into the shop and Kathy would serve them Donuts! After all the filming was over Kathy came out to say hi to everyone. She had her bikini on and donuts on her fingers! I was able to get a picture with her with my friends. It was cool to see them film like that! I've never really seen them film a show before.
Kathy serving Donuts in Burbank....in a Bikini!?!? 

I was just as excited to see Kathy's assistant Tiffany! 
I have tweeted her before and
 we've talked about the Kardashians and her favorite episodes! 

*WOWCELEBRITYTV took these photos*

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