Saturday, June 2, 2012


It was my last day in the city of Angels for 15 days! I decided to spend the day in Hollywood with my friends(: I headed to the newsstands to try and find this international magazine that I really wanted but they didn't have it yet! UGH! Maybe because it's an international magazine? Hmmm...Looks like I'll have to wait! UGH! 

I headed to Hollywood with my friend to try for Eva Longoria's autograph....but the premiere was moved and canceled!? be honest I don't even know what happened with the event! Ohh Well! We decided to head to the "Magic Mike" Q & A at the Universal City Walk! I was pretty excited to go because I love Channing Tatum! Matthew Mcconaughey was also at the question and answer! AHHHH! It was awesome! I was going to try and actually meet Channing again but decided just to watch the Q & A with my friends(: We had fun and were on camera a few times! This movie comes out this June or July, so I'll be going to see it! 

After the Question and Answer, my friend drove us to the bottom of the HUGE hill that they have at Universal! I was NOT going to be walking down that HUGE hill! It's way to BIG! Both my friend and I went to get her car out of the parking structure on Hollywood & Highland....and couldn't find it!! It took us at least 20 minutes to find her car! We couldn't even remember what level it was on!! How embarrassing! 

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