Saturday, June 2, 2012


Landed in Milwaukee last night at around 5:30 PM. My flight was even a little early!! It was only like 3 hours and 30 minutes! What a short plane ride! I really thought it was going to be longer! I get on the airplane and who am I sitting in front of!?...little kids! NICE...real nice! I knew they would be kicking! I really am NOT a fan of children at all! I put my head phones on, put my hood up, and wrapped my pillow around my head and took a nap! I just wanted to sleep! That's the first nap I have taken in 11 months! I have been so busy in California that I haven't taken naps at all! I use to sleep ALL the time and nap!

I arrived to Milwaukee and we headed right to Papa Luigi's to get something to eat! I sure missed the fish fry's!! I really missed going out to eat with my family! I went by my Grama and Bailey! We laughed SO MUCH! We were laughing so hard during dinner that it hurt! Things sure haven't changed!....Gam Gam ordered a few Martini's!! My Grama is such a hoot when she drinks! It's fun! We had a lot of fun last night! We went home and talked, unpacked, and made a few videos on one of Bailey's gadgets! I will have to post the video one of these days! I couldn't stop laughing last night and Bailey was recording the video!...I sounded like a hyena!!

My Grama is probably going to KILL ME when she see's this blog post! But I had to post this photo of her!...she's known very well in Wisconsin for her Martini addiction!! Hahaha. Just Kidding Gam Gam! But really she likes Martini's! As soon as we got home Bailey took my suitcase out of the car....I didn't want to hurt myself carrying it(: 

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  1. I love that you are all together! These are my favorite blog posts yet! You are the most fun, special group of people I know!