Sunday, June 3, 2012


What a BUSY Sunday I had....a million things to do in one day! I didn't sleep in today because today was my sisters High School Graduation! It felt so weird going back to my high school for the first time in a year!...The last time I was at that school was when I graduated last June! It's crazy how my sister graduated today! I still CANNOT believe it! I'm so happy that I was able to fly into Wisconsin to see my sister graduate! We had such a fun day(: I was even able to see a few of my friends that I went to school with at the high school and two of my favorite teachers. I had so much to tell them, but not much time to talk! I took some photos for Instagram and even picked up my teachers cool looking camera and took a photo with that BIG CAMERA! As soon as my sister was done with graduation I instantly found her and took a photo for Instagram! DUH! IT's what I do(:

After Graduation we headed to Eagle River, (Northern Wisconsin.) My mom now lives WAY up in the middle of the woods! The ride was at least 4 hours long!! I'm NOT a fan of car rides, but I did survive, I took a few naps! We stopped at the gas station for snacks and got one of my new favorite snacks, "CORN NUTS!" Love them! This was my first time seeing the house....I love it here! One of the rooms downstairs reminds me of a room from "Friday the 13th," (the Jason movies!) As soon as we pulled into the driveway I ran right into the house and kissed ALL FIVE dogs! I have missed them soooooo much! guys really have no idea! One of our oldest dogs "Bunnie" is my baby! She looks the same and still is trouble...and smelled like fish! EWWW! I guess she goes out side and finds things? The house actually isn't to cabin like....It's more of a house. One of my dogs Korkie still loves laying in the bathrooms! For some reason she loves laying on the bathroom floors, even in my old house! I like knowing that a lot of things haven't changed(:

It feels great to be home, like GREAT! I love a family to come home too, and all my animals. I'm so happy that my family was able to get to together for my sisters Graduation and all see each other. We had an eventful day, another chapter of out lives closed, but many new adventures are beginning!
TRIGGER! (Black lab)
Maggie, trying to get her stuffed raccoon!

Mister B! 
Miss TAYLOR TOWNSEND! Probably the only reason I liked coming to High school my senior year! She's stylish, knows her celebrities, and is friends with Whitney Ports sister(:
LOOK at this camera! This is paparazzi style in Los Angeles(: 

Instagram photos(: 
Congrats Bailey(:

Class of 2012. Whitnall High School. 

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