Tuesday, June 5, 2012


First day in Eagle River, Wisconsin! I slept in until the normal time I usually sleep in until in California! I cannot get up early, NO WAY! I mean everyone went to the farmers market like at 8am! I just get cranky getting up that early and it just wrecks my WHOLE day! Later in the day we went in the river with those HUGE boots! I was most excited about these boots! My mom said that I looked like a frog in them! RUUUUDE! The boots are cool, you can go walk right in the water with them and they go up to your waist! I found a few things while looking in the river! I found some crabs, and some clam shells! The crabs were like ALIVE getting ready to pinch me for picking them up! I did manage to take a picture of it though for INSTAGRAM! I could walk ALL the way across the river with those boots on!

I like it up here....except the phone signal  is horrible! I don't even have ONE bar!? It gets annoying! One minute I'll be talking on the phone then I'm cutting out and the phone call totally cuts out! It's cool though how deer are just walking right in your yard, walking around and looking for things to munch on!

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