Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No STARBUCKS!? Up North!?

Another busy day in Eagle River! Took my dog Korkie to the vet to get a couple shots, she didn't even notice when they were sticking her with the needles! The vet's here are so calm! I mean everything in Eagle River, Wisconsin is very chill and not busy at all! We went to the movie theatre tonight and it was DEAD inside! I couldn't stop thinking of the theatre's in Los Angeles and how busy they are! Something that I noticed was the same was the price of the movies! Why must the price of a ticket for a movie be so expensive!? I really don't understand!! It is crazy how much they charge you to go see a movie! We saw 'Dark Shadow's" Johnny Depp always plays in the weirdest movies! I had to go see the movie because I did get a few autographs from Johnny at the Hollywood premiere of this movie! The movie was actually better than I thought it was going to be. Earlier in the day we went to my moms friends house to visit her horse. We fed the horse and took some photos with him. GEEZE, horses have big teeth! i was a little worried that he was going to chew my fingers off, while I was feeding him!

NO STARBUCKS near!! So I got a coffee from this place called, 
"Eagle River Roaster!" 
These tools creep me out! Reminds me of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre!" 

As I was relaxing in Eagle River today, my friend Christian who is visiting from North Carolina is in LA right now. He was waiting to meet the Kardashians today in Hollywood! The Kardashians were out promoting their brand! He was able to meet Khloe & Kim! He was most excited about meeting Khloeeee!

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