Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pecks Wildlife Park

Got up early for the first time while staying in Wisconsin. We headed to get coffee at this coffee shop called "The Red Canoe." Right after coffee we went to "Peck's Wildlife Park." This place was better than any zoo I have been to so far! Pretty much the deer, goats, and peacocks were able to run throughout the WHOLE zoo! They could go where ever they wanted! This zoo was much better than the Milwaukee zoo, that zoo it very closed off and to big! We encountered some interesting things at the zoo, white deer, humping turtles, and very aggressive goats! The goats just wouldn't stop trying to attack you for food!! They even had a couple random pigs that were allowed to just run around the zoo...I mean they didn't move to far but they could just walk around.

We went horseback riding around dinner time, at some Horse stable. It was an hour ride. I gotta tell thighs and legs hurt! They were spread apart for a long time, they still feel like jello! We followed this trail through the woods, and we even ran a little with the horses. I was bouncing up and down in the air on the horse! I guess because I'm tiny that I was bouncing! I couldn't stop laughing! I was trying my best to not FALL off the horse and i was trying my hardest to hold onto the horse!
The HUMPING turtles!
Kim Kardashian...I know we usually do "Kissy Lips" pictures but while away from LA in the woods in Northern Wisconsin I took one photo with a deer! 

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