Saturday, May 19, 2012

Matthew Morrison from GLEE!

I have met Matthew a few times now...once it was like 2 am after a Golden Globes Party and he's always super nice!...even at 2am! I brought a few things for Matthew to sign. I even brought my 8 by 10 photo op of him and I from last time that I saw him. He always gives the same smirk in all the photos! how Steve-o gives the same crazy look in all the pictures that he takes too! Matthew was more than happy to sign autographs! He actually grabbed my few items and would sign one and hand it back then sign another and hand it over. For the shirtless photo he said, "I never know where to sign on these pictures!" Hahaha. I said anywhere Matthew! I love when celebrities actually take the time for their fans and chat with them. As we were taking pictures and getting autographs some guy was freckin shoving a microphone in Matthews face asking questions. The guy was from Panama and didn't even know who Matthew Morrison was! My friend got irritated and told him to stand back because she was trying to get a photo with him! It's so irritating when people from all over the world come to LA and love seeing celebrities but don't even know who they are!! Like stop being so CRAZY & AGGRESSIVE when you don't even know who your trying to get pictures of! It's so irritating!

Love Matthews hat! 
After meeting Matthew my friends and I headed over to iHop to get something to eat before heading home for the night. As we were walking in the restaurant I noticed something freckin fell from the sky or off the building!! I was like are you serious!? Did someone throw a brick at us! This HUGE brick looking thing landed next to the tree in the dirt! I was like "WHAT WAS THAT!?" Turned out it was my friend Mandy's glasses case! It seriously sounded and looked like a brick! Ohh yeah...this all happened when I was complaining about how far they had the "handicap" spots from the entrance! If I was handicap I would be pissed of how far I would have to walk to iHop!

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