Saturday, March 2, 2013



I've seen Fergie once I think?....Was never really super close to her though. I was so impressed! Fergie was so nice!!! She walked out of that airport like she owned it!! She really wasn't shocked by the 20 photographers! She just took her time getting to the car, and signed autographs. While she was signing for my friends and I, I peeked under her hat and asked if she was excited for the baby! She had the BIGGEST hat on I had to peek under it so she could hear me! She answered though! I loved how she handled her self. She agreed to take a photo with me, but my camera was being SOOOO STUPID! Ughhh. I guess next time! 

Watch the video of me asking Fergie! Hahahaha. I know, I'm crazy! 

OPPPPS! Got in a few paparazzi photos! (Taken by X17 & Zimbio)

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