Monday, March 25, 2013


I have ALWAYS had great experiences with Fergie! Both Fergie and Josh are such nice people. Even though Fergie is pregnant she ALWAYS stops for her fans to sign autographs! There were like NO photographers waiting for Fergie to arrive back to Los Angeles. But a million of them were waiting for her at the wrong airline! Hahahahaha! So it was good for me(: Right when Fergie stepped out of the elevator I was there to greet her, and ask her if she was excited for the baby. I told her how I tried getting a photo with her last time but my camera was messing up! She said we could take one when she got to the car. She was super cool. She took pictures and signed my pictures. The publicist or friend she was with was actually very nice too. I loved Fergie's sunglasses and hat but her outfit was a little wild. It looked like she wasn't matching at all!

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