Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Josh Hutcherson!

Why is Josh Hutcherson, so much more friendly than Jennifer Lawrence!? 

Josh Hutcherson is such a friendly guy! I swear he's super nice! Why is Jennifer Lawrence not so friendly?! I think Jennifer has been hanging out with Lea Michele a little too much!!!! Josh was more than happy to talk with my friend and I and take photos(: He's a tiny guy too, I thought he was a little taller. 

Way later, we saw Snoop Dogg in West Hollywood. Okay, this is my second time meeting Snoop and he is probably one of the most friendliest guys! He's always so relaxed and calm, and he loves his fans. Every time I see him he's wearing sunglasses!? I haven't seen him ever without them! 
Almost forgot! I went to go meet Jim Sturgess also last night. Jim was in the movie "21." I love that guys english accent! My Brazilian friends loved him!!! One kept telling Jim how hot he was....he loved it but looked a little confused as they told him in their Brazilian accents. 

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