Saturday, March 9, 2013

James Franco in Hollywood!

YES, James Franco is one of my new favorites in Hollywood! 

James is a super cool guy. He is ALWAYS so calm and relaxed! He doesn't mind taking pictures with fans or signing autographs! I love some of the magazine covers James Franco is on. Have you guys seen "127 hours," yet? I really have only seen mister Franco in the Spiderman movies. But I think it's time for me to start watching all his movies!!! I mean James is now in my top ten! 

James got a star in Hollywood a couple days ago. BOYYYY there were a lot of people there! More fans than I thought there would be. The guest speaker was Seth Rogen, and Sam Raimi. The ceremony for James getting his star was okay....his mom was there and a few of the people he worked on OZ with. I was pretty surprised to see him tear up when he started to give his speech. He got pretty emotional when he kept mentioning his mom and the people that helped him become who he is today. 

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