Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Millions of Milkshakes!

Wasn't planning on doing that much today. I slept in and got a phone call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Beverly Hills. I jumped outta bed and got ready for another adventure in LA! I'll never turn down hanging out in Beverly Hills. I love everything about that place! I got ready pretty fast and headed to the bus. I just brought my camera with me today, just incase we ran into a celeb! I've taken photo ops on my iphone but the photos really don't turn out that good. Before heading over to Beverly Hills I got a grilled cheese sandwich from In & Out. We made it to Beverly Hills and walked down Rodeo drive and stopped at Barney's New York. They have a small area dedicated to Gaga. It's called Gaga's Workshop! It was pretty neat, they had a lot of crazy weird Gaga things there. We were talking to the staff and she said "that Paris Hilton spent over $10,000 dollars on Gaga's things and walked out with a Gaga book! Paris ROCKS! I guess Paris really likes Gaga! We then walked back down Rodeo Drive, and someone that reads my blog recognized me from photos of me on my blog! How awesome is that! I then told her that we were on the look out for celebs in the area. She told us that Kourtney Kardashian was shopping at Hermes, two stores away from us! We headed right over there! I told her that I needed some photo ops for my blog! (: A TON of people were waiting outside the store for Kourtney to come out. There really weren't any photographers. A tour bus drove by and asked who was shopping.... Someone told him that it was "Kourtney Kardashian!" One of the passengers in the bus SCREAMED and JUMPED out of the bus! OMG! These people are CRAY CRAY! I went in the store to look around and I just knew that Kourtney was going to go out the back. I found Kourtney in the store purchasing a few things. Kourtney was wearing the boots that she has worn a lot in "Kourtney & Kim Take NY" and one of the HUGE hats that she's always wearing. I waited until she was done talking with her friends then I went up to her and showed her the photo of me & Kim! She asked where I met her. I then told her that I went to the LA book signing. I was trying so HARD not to ask for a photo in the store because you can't take photos but I did!(: She said that she was sorry but she can't take a photo in the store. Some other girls brought their camera in and were trying to take pictures but they got kicked out! I was just happy that I was actually able to talk to Kourtney for 30 seconds! She then headed in the elevator with her friends and put her sunglasses on. Kourtney went right out the back, and drove off. I just LOVE my Kardashians! AHHH! My heart DROPPED when they told us that KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN was in there shopping! We walked around Beverly Hills for a little and ran into Keggan Allen from, "Pretty Little Liars." Both me and my friend took a photo with him. He was very nice!

Keggan Allen from "Pretty Little Liars."

After Beverly Hills we headed over to West Hollywood and stopped at Million's of Milkshakes! Kim Kardashian has opened a couple of "Millions of Milkshakes!" Including the one in West Hollywood and the one in Dubai! They have a milk shake called KIM KARDASHIAN! It's one of her favorite shakes! I had to order the Kim Kardashian! They also had a Miley Cyrus shake. Millions of Milk Shakes is a pretty cool place with very nice employees!

Drinking the Kim Kardashian Milkshake! YUM!
Gaga's Workshop in LA.
Drinking Kim K's Milkshake!
Gaga's Workshop! 
Beverly Hills(:

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