Monday, December 19, 2011

Gained a NEW Twitter FOLLOWER!

Woke up around 8 today to meet someone at Starbucks. I was so craving my Non-fat Vanilla Latte! YUM! We were going to go to a Starbucks with outdoor seating but, it looked a little cloudy out and I didn't want to get rained on! The weather has been perfect here in California! During the month of December though it gets very cloudy and sometimes rainy! You guys know how much I HATE the rain! I hate stepping out in the rain, it wrecks my hair, shoes, and face! UGH! I HATE the rain! I Waited at Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd, for a friend. While I was waiting, these girls started talking about the Kardashians! I had to ask them if they were talking about them! Haha. One of them said that Khloe is her favorite. She said that she likes Kourtney thought too because she doesn't care if she doesn't have
make-up on or anything, She will still give attitude! I had to tell them that I got Kim Kardashian to tweet me! I've been so excited about that! She then asked for my twitter(: After Starbucks I headed to work. I swear it takes forever to get to work on the bus! It really shouldn't take that long! Work went by pretty fast....I was closing. My friend at work gave me a ride in his little red apple looking car! :D Haha. It was so much fun! It felt like I was in a GO-KART!

I  DO NOT have a Starbucks ADDICTION! (;

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