Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tweet from KIM KARDASHIAN! :)

Didn't do that much today, just relaxed and slept in! I stayed up so late last night I slept all day! Trying to HUNT down Justin Bieber is exhausting! If you guys in Wisconsin think it's easy well it isn't! I worked on my blog today and organized all my autographs. I was looking through them and boy do I have a lot! I have tons of autographs! I'm really starting to have a collection! I'll post pictures of some of my favorites! Tonight a new episode of "Kourtney & Kim take New York" was on. I wasn't working so I was able to watch it and TWEET like CRAZY during it! During a lot of these reality shows I tweet during them, trying to get them to tweet me back. Kim Kardashian tweeted me right back, right when I tweeted her! My heart dropped when I saw that tweet! Getting a tweet from Kim Kardashian! This woman has over 11 million followers on twitter! My tweet went out to 11 million people in the world! WOW! How cool is that! It's fun tweeting to random fans about the show too. I randomly start tweeting to the random "KKTNY" fans, it's fun!

My TWEET from Miss Kim Kardashian!

I have only met Kim once so far....This isn't the best picture but you can tell it's us! The sun totally killed the photo! My next mission is to get a new photo with her!:)

These are a few of my favorite far! I really want Sandra Bullock! 

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