Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tried to meet Bieber...

Busy Busy Busy day again! Worked until 4:30 then I headed to Downtown LA for the charity concert that was going on. Justin Bieber was performing as well as Drake and Stevie Wonder. A few of my friends and I tried meeting him where he entered and left from. I met up with a few friends there, and grabbed a coffee with my friend Megan. It started raining out so we went into Starbucks. The Starbucks by the Staples Center is CRAZY BUSY! The line to order a drink was all the way to the door leaving Starbucks. It was CRAY CRAY! I charged my phone for a little then we headed out in the rain. We saw Justin Bieber arrive....he had the escalade parked in a garage so nobody good see him! How CRAZY is that! People said that they saw his hat!?! I guess Drake also arrived but I was in Starbucks when he got there. Drake ran right in when he got there! We waited patiently for the concert to end. The security there is ridiculous! Like OMG! They make you wait like across the street! UGH! I'm getting real sick of all this security! Justin's car was leaving the garage, nobody saw him at all! NOTHING! He left in the car and people were chasing the car down the street! I even had a friend that went after him in a car! She chased Justin and his team for over 20 minutes! The driver noticed they were being followed though! Then Drake came out and just waved. Drake didn't come by his fans or anything! RUUUDE! Drake was on Degrassi! He should be happy that people like him! Like really? The best part! Drake had 3 escalades!! For what!?! Really? I really don't know who this guy thinks he is! I mean he was on DEGRASSI!! We pretty much just left after that and all took the subway home. The other person we saw was some guy from Glee.

Justin Bieber I am NOT done with you! I will be getting my photo with you one of these days!

Here's a few photos of the Staples Center & Nokia Theatre in Downtown LA.

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