Saturday, December 17, 2011


Work. Work. Work. I worked eight hours today instead of the 4 hours I was suppose to work. I really needed more hours so I took them(: I mean I am pretty high maintenance and do like a lot of name brand things. So, I have to work a lot so I can buy them! I really haven't done a lot of shopping here though, even though I want to so bad! AHHHH! I swear I cannot even step into stores here without buying something! I worked my eight hour day today and had plenty of Starbucks throughout my shift! I ended work around nine and I had to pick up a few things before I left. I had to get contact know what that means! They have the contacts right next to the KY Jelly!? I still don't understand! Why would they put that right by the contact solution! I picked up some smart waters and a few of my favorite snacks before leaving Target. One of my CoWorkers was nice enough to bring me home!(: I have ran into so many nice people in Los Angeles, and many people that I can trust. I never would've thought they had normal people in LA? I got home and went though the package that my Gam Gam sent me. She sent me like a whole box of Ramen noodles! I told her that I love them, and she sent me a WHOLE box! She also put a bunch of all the new tabloids in there too! (My favorite!) I did a little organizing and got a few things together for my adventure tomorrow(: Will I run into any celebs? Possibly?(; I'll be in Studio City(:

I LOVE these noodles!! I could just live off of these!

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