Thursday, December 15, 2011

Melrose street(:

It felt pretty good to sleep this morning! I've been off the last few days of work, but I've been doing a lot of stuff lately! A lot of CRAZY adventures! I headed to Hollywood to meet some friends. I ordered a drink at Starbucks and my friend insisted he paid! I was trying to scan my Starbucks app on my phone to pay! But the girl took the cash from him! UGH! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Now I owe you TWO Starbucks drinks! While we were walking down Hollywood Blvd it started raining & it got really windy! It felt like I was in Chicago! It was like Midwest weather! We jumped on the bus after being annoyed by the freckin cat lady on Hollywood Blvd. (She was asking for my Starbucks drink!) UGH! How rude! Have some class woman and stop begging for things! We headed to Melrose street in West Hollywood! I've been to Melrose maybe once seeing living here, they have some pretty cool shops(: We went to a little collectable store with weird figures. They had so many weird things in the shop. I'll post a few of the photos below. After Melrose we got something to get at The Grove. We all started to head home and stopped at a newsstand and Urban Outfitters while waiting for our busses. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Urban Outfitters! Once I get paid tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be stopping there for the shoes that I NEED! I have to get the shoes!

I then figured out a new way to get home on the bus going through Studio City! I didn't even have to go on the Subway! The bus took me right though the Hollywood Hills!(: It only took me 10 minutes to get home! I took this bus once before but I was going South to West Hollywood. It looked a little different too because it was dark outside. It usually takes like over an 1 hour because of all the waiting I have to do! I got home so fast!

Don't these little figures look neat! Haha. I love them!!
The creator of these toys was actual there signing them!
AHHH! These things are so weird! It's like a GANG BANG! 
The "V Burger" Vagina Burger!?!?! What!?
We stopped at veggie of my friends got something to eat. I guess the meat is soy based and it's made out of beans and soy and other things. It looks so real though! Like meat! I told my friends that I stepped into that place...that was my first step! Next step I'm going to try the Veggie Burger! 

One of the cool looking toys in the shop.

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