Thursday, December 15, 2011


Got up and headed to Hollywood(: Love Hollywood! I'm ALWAYS in Hollywood! I got some Starbucks because I needed some coffee like ASAP! I waited for a friend to show up while we waited to meet Kathy Griffin. I ran to the post office to mail my sisters birthday present. Bailey is going to LOVE her present! I was thinking about posting it early online?....for her to see...but she might just have to wait! I wanted to keep the present for myself! I can't wait for her to open it!

Waited awhile for Kathy Griffin to arrive to a TV taping. Kathy showed up early and I called her over and she came right over by us! Like nobody was there waiting! Kathy Griffin has been on my top list of people to meet! & it happened! I have seen Kathy perform in Fort Myers..Florida and Milwaukee...Wisconsin. Kathy has an upcoming show in Hollywood that I'll be at! Kathy said that I should totally come to her Hollywood show! She also remembered that the Bravo special taping was done in Milwaukee! I talked to Kathy for like 10 minutes! Kathy came right over and said that we shouldn't wait for her after the show because she's going to have hooker shoes on and she won't be coming back over! She said that we better NOT be calling her a douche Bag! She signed ALL the things that I had! My friend helped me get some of it signed because I had her books, CD's, photos, & DVD's. Kathy was more than happy to sign everything! I had her personalize one of the photos and write "Holy FUCK BALLS!" AHHH! She also was like..."You twatted me the other day on twitter! How awesome is that! She remembers! She said that she reads all of her tweets! I then told Kathy that I had something to show her...she said...."Your penis!?" I was like NO KATHY! Lindsay's playboy issue! She went "OHH LINDSAY!" I then asked Kathy what she thought about Kim's wedding. She said that she'll be talking all about it on the show! She said that she was sitting right by her at an award ceremony recently! I wanna hear ALL the details! I hope she talks all about Kim K. & Lindsay Lohan in her next special! I do LOVE my Kardashians! But it's funny to hear Kathy Griffin talk about them. We took a photo with Kathy and I told her how much I loved her and I gave her a great big hug! You guys HAVE no idea how excited I was to meet Kathy Griffin! I can now cross another thing off my bucket list! I almost forgot! I showed Kathy the photo of me and Angelina Jolie....and she said, "I know I saw it on twitter!" I almost peed myself! Kathy Griffin is super dedicated to her fans and I love that about her!

Jamie Bell!

Had a great night! Met one of my favorite people! After meeting Kathy I hung out with friends for a little and headed to a few stores on Hollywood Blvd. Some guy in drag kept smacking his butt and kept looking at me! UGH! The weather was pretty nice out tonight, it wasn't so cold outside.

AHHH! Lindsay Lohan's playboy issue! I had to buy it! I want it autographed! 
Kathy Griffin signed ALL my stuff for me! Kathy ROCKS! 
This was in the Hollywood post office.
Okay, so Katy Perry had a perfume signing at the Grove today in LA. Many kids were guaranteed a meet and greet with Katy. They showed up early and got passes. I guess Katy said that she wanted to meet all her fans! Turned out Katy only met maybe 100 people! & 50 of the people were staff members! That is so not cool Katy! So many people wanted photos with Katy but she kept saying sorry I can't take photos! "They won't let me!" Are you serious you ROBOT! That's so NOT cool KATY! Maybe I'll have the chance to meet Katy someday, but I don't think I'll go to a perfume signing! NO WAY! 


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! I can't believe everything you are all doing!

  2. I was so excited! Kathy Griffin was on the top of my list of people to meet!