Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My RUN IN with J LO!

Set my alarm for 6am to head to Beverly Hills with friends. I usually don't get up this early, but for celebrities I will!(: I met my friends in Hollywood and grabbed Starbucks(: the usual! We got to Beverly Hills around 8am. We figured that a lot of these celebs would be getting breakfast or coffee. We didn't see anyone! We headed to Rodeo Drive, and already found out that Jennifer Lopez was shopping in Valentino! We headed right in the store. I just wanted to at least say hi to Jennifer Lopez. The body guard was blocking the area of the store she was in. I peeked over him and said, "Hey Miss Lopez!" She smiled and said "Hi," and asked, how I was!(: Jennifer Lopez talked to me! WOW! AWESOME! We then left the store and over heard them saying that they were going to take her out the back. We ran outside and went right to the back of the store. Sure enough J LO came right out in her sweat suit. There were four of us and we asked if we could take a photo. J LO replied and said, "Sorry guys no it's Christmas, I'm relaxing." Yeah I really wanted a photo with her but I mean she is shopping and she gets asked things EVERYDAY! So everyone took some photos of her and video, and we waved bye to her as she was driven away in her white Bentley. We then wandered around Beverly Hills looking for more celebrities. We were waiting in front of a VERY popular nail salon and Kathy Hilton casually walked by, all 5 of our cameras jumped up so fast to get the shot!! Kathy was talking on the phone and had a few shopping bags in her hands. I was going to ask for a photo but thats a little rude when she is on the phone! I did get a few frames of her walking down the sidewalk.

Had such a long day in Beverly Hills! I was EXHAUSTED from all the walking around and trying to spot people! I headed home with another photographer, we jumped on the subway and headed home. He showed me a much easier way to go home from Beverly Hills. It wasn't even that late but I was just so tired, I felt like a ZOMBIE! I went to bed at 10PM! I NEVER go to bed that early! I usually go to bed at like 2 or 3! I had a great day though today in Beverly Hills(: Gotta love LA.

These dogs were all hanging out in the Range Rover in Beverly Hills!

Another photo of Kathy Hilton, did I tell you that she follows me on Twitter!?(:

YES, this is Jennifer Lopez, kind of hard to see. 

This woman was running around Beverly Hills, wearing a dress made out of foil! 

One of my FAVORITE stores!! I have been to Louis Vuittons ALL over the US & some in Europe! I will post photos later!(: 

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