Monday, December 26, 2011

Bus problems!

Left for work this morning and it was hot out again! The bus took forever today! I don't know if today was considered a holiday or what. But the bus took over 30 minutes to come! the middle of the afternoon! I made it to my second bus...they had to put the ramp down for someone with a wheel chair. Everyone got on the bus...we were waiting forever! The ramp wouldn't go up! We were just sitting there, listening to the LOUD beeping sound as the ramp was down! Then the bus driver got off of the bus and turned the whole bus off from the outside? I really thought the bus broke down!

Worked an eight hour day today! I really like working, but geeze, my feet hurt after from standing for so long! Target was even busier than it was the day before christmas! It felt like EVERYONE living in North Hollywood was at Target! I don't EVER go out shopping the day after christmas, its way to busy. People get all upset because it's so busy and the lines are so long....WELL DON'T GO OUT SHOPPING then! Work went by so fast though because it was so busy!

One of my Co-Workers dropped me off at one of the corners that I take my second bus at. I texted the LA Metro, and they said the next bus was going to come in 63 minutes!! WHAT!? I am NOT waiting 63 minutes for a bus to come! I walked it! As I was walking home someone asked me if they could buy a cigarette off of me?...What is wrong with people! Does it look like I smoke! Who randomly asks a person that as they are walking! Do I look like a SMOKER!? I think NOT! UGH! I do NOT smoke those cancer sticks!

I'm loving this tea that I've been getting at Starbucks! Black tea with lemonade!

This was the day that I met Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt! They were heading into an after party. This photo was taken minutes after I got my pictures with them(: The picture ended up in PEOPLE magazine! 

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