Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in LA

It's Christmas & it was in the 70's today in Los Angeles! WOW! I have never been in weather like that during Christmas! The weather was PERFECT today! I don't think I can even go home and visit during Christmas because the weather was so nice today! It really didn't even feel like Christmas. This was my first Christmas without my mom. I miss them TONS! Wish I was able to go home for Christmas to visit, but you can't when you work in retail. I got up this morning around 9am, and got ready to head to Downtown LA. I was seriously sweating when I stepped outside today, it was so hot! I headed to Starbucks to grab a drink before another one of my California Adventures! My mom thought I was CRAZY when I told her I was out on Christmas trying to find some celebs! Usually a good amount of celebs attend the Laker games, so I thought I would check it out with a few friends today. To bad Lamar Odom doesn't play for the Laker's anymore or the Kardashians would've been there! UGH! Megan Fox, Adam Levine, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and the EX Governor of California showed up to the Game. I ran right up to Lil Wayne and asked for a photo! He really wasn't saying anything, but he did pose for the picture but wasn't looking!? He just gave the peace sign! After the game was over I waited for Snoop Dogg to come out. Sure enough he came right out and was actually very nice. I asked for a photo and he didn't answer me either but he did look at my camera when I was taking it....What's with these rappers!? They can't talk!?! It was CRAZY though!...I was standing right next to Snoop Dogg, I feel like such a pimp! I tried to get a photo with Kanye, but his security was ridiculous! GEEZE! They were pushing everyone away! I just wanted a photo! I tried finding Megan Fox as she left the game but I couldn't find her. I did get two photo-ops today, I was happy with just 2 photos! :D I headed home after the Lakers game was over.

SNOOP DOGG! WOW! I really feel like a PIMP now! Snoop was the nicest guy ever! I thought he wasn't looking for the photo but he actually was! What a nice guy! And he sure is a GIANT! I thought that I was going to cut his whole head off when I took the photo! I pretty much was walking right next to him when he left the game! Snoop had security but they really weren't even guarding him! So I was like whatever! I'm going to walk right next to SNOOP!

I posted the photo of me and Lil Wayne on Facebook, and I had NO clue how many people like him! Geeze! So many people are attracting to this guy!? He looks a little rough don't ya think? He has tons of tattoos all over his face...and by the way, he's Snooki's height! Hahahah! He's a really short guy!

I had a great Christmas! I know it isn't the same without your family, but hey, I gotta spend it with Lil Wayne(: The thing that I really miss the most about not being in Wisconsin during Christmas, would probably have to be ALL my mom's Christmas trees! She has over 13 trees! My mom is a Christmas addict! She has so many different themed trees! Anyways I had a great Christmas in Los Angeles, but it will NEVER be the same without family!

Look at this weather on Christmas!! This is unreal!? I mean I'm sure Wisconsin weather is horrible already! 70 degrees on Christmas! It still doesn't feel real! 

Made a Starbucks run in Hollywood(: 

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