Saturday, December 24, 2011

Target was a ZOO!

Wasn't in a rush this morning! I got up whenever I wanted to and took my time getting ready. I worked at 2:30. I got a few of my things together for work and headed out of the house. I stepped outside thinking it was going to be a little chilly. But it was HOT & SUNNY out! I was sweating! This is my first Christmas where it was hot & sunny outside! It feels so weird, I mean I am from Wisconsin, I'm used to it snowing and being cold! It felt great to walk to the bus on CHRISTMAS Eve, in the warm sun! How awesome is that!? NEVER in Wisconsin would it be this nice outside! NEVER! I talked to my Grama on the phone while I walked to the bus stop. I let her know that I got my packages in the mail! I made it to work early and got something to eat. Target was a complete zoo! WOW! It was like the Los Angeles zoo! So many people were out shopping today! It was CRAY CRAY! We didn't stay open that late because it is Christmas Eve. My friend did spot one celebrity in Target today....she KNEW to come right to me and let me know! It was one of the models from America's Next top model. I didn't recognize her at all because she was in one of the first seasons. Right after Target a friend drove me home and I started working on my blog! I CANNOT MISS ONE day without blogging!

LOOK at this weather today in Los Angeles!
                                                             AHHH! Got some WHIP cream at work! 

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