Friday, December 30, 2011


Relaxed ALL day today because I wasn't feeling good. I called out of work because I was feeling dizzy again. I was actually on my way to work but was feeling sick and turned right around. I was really trying to make it to work! I got subway on my way to work but just felt horrible still. The weather was super nice out! It felt good to be outside, to bad I wasn't feeling good. I went home and fell asleep on my bed, I just wanted to lay down. I slept a few hours then got up and watched The Kardashian's. I did some of my laundry too. I really needed to clean and organize a little, cleaning always makes me feel better! I think I'm a NEAT FREAK because of my mom! I just love organizing, I can't help it! 

I found this photo on my mom's facebook. This photo was taken in June 2011. This was 6 months ago, when both me and my mom were visiting California and looking for a place for me to live. Who would've thought I have accomplished so much in 6 months! WOW! 

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