Friday, July 22, 2011

Brushing your teeth on the bus?!

I had off today so I had another day of exploring! Went to West LA today! I Love West LA! West Hollywood & Beverly Hills are awesome places. I took the bus from the subway station on Hollywood & HIghland. As I was riding the bus, this lady starting brushing her teeth on the BUS! OMG! I was SHOCKED! I was SUPER FREAKED out! Brushing your teeth on the bus!? Only in LA will you see someone brushing their teeth on the the bus! I headed to West Hollywood, and went to a Starbucks there. Walked around for a while then went to Beverly Hills. I FINALLY FOUND Mr. Chow! Mr. Chow is a well known restaurant, where the stars dine at. Mr. Chow is a paparazzi hotspot! Didn't see anyone when I went outside of it because they were closed until 6pm. They are open for a few hours during lunch and then dinner time. I walked around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, I love looking at all of the stores and walking up and down the streets there. Also walked around a nearby park. I also met a lady that works for Wells Fargo in Beverly Hills . She has high end clients! She said that you have to have at least a million dollars to bank with her! She couldn't name them though. Beverly Hills is such a nice area. If your ever in the LA area you HAVE to go look around Beverly Hills! 

 Starbucks in Hollywood.

 Beverly Hills. (Tons of asian Tourists!)

 Hollywood & Highland. New Heidi Klum advertisement.

 MMMM. This was so good. It was called "Half & Half" Fudge, cookies, chocolate cupcake!

 Gloria, sent me this card that she made! It's awesome! Don't ya guys think?!

My treat receipt! All summer Starbucks is doing this. You can come back to any Starbucks a second time and receive a Grande iced drink for only $2! What a deal! What it makes me go to Starbucks more often! What an addiction I have!


  1. That was so sweet of Gloria to send you a card!

  2. I know! I love that card that she made! & she wrote a GREAT note inside!(: