Saturday, July 23, 2011

RAN OVER by an electric wheelchair!

Had a pretty exciting day today! Got up at 10, got ready and headed to the bus stop. Took the bus to the North Hollywood station, then to Hollywood & Highland then to Fairfax & Santa Monica. One of my favorite Starbucks is on that corner! Plus that bus that goes down Santa Monica takes you right to Beverly Hills. So it's super convenient. And it takes you to Santa Monica beach. Got a drink at Starbucks and checked my Twitter. I love my coffee, from Starbucks! I took the bus to Beverly Hills, and walked down Rodeo drive and Beverly Drive. I love stopping at my favorite store! (Louis Vuitton!) I'm working on saving up for my travel accessory!! I then went to Camden drive which is a few streets over, I wanted to see if I could spot any celebs at Mr. Chow. Didn't see any, they were closed!....again! Went back to Santa Monica Blvd, took the bus there. Someone on the bus smelled like PEE so bad! I was like vomiting along with the other 20 passengers! I got off on the next stop and took the next bus! I went to another Starbucks in West Hollywood. I had to get my $2.00 grande drink! I love this summer deal. I walked around for a while, and pasted a park with a bunch of animals at it, found the West Hollywood Sheriff's station & saw a sign for the library, but never found it. I went to Whole Foods, and picked up dinner. Already made spinach & shells. YUM! It was delicious. They had so many healthy things that I love! Tofu wraps!! If you don't ever know what to get me? WHOLE FOODS, GIFT CARD! I took that to Hollywood & highland and ate it there. It was so busy there cause it's the weekend. GEEZ! So many people! I really don't go to those Starbucks in that area, cause they are CRAZY! When I was getting off the subway this man was running everyone OVER! He was a CRAZY FRECKIN MANIAC! I had to DODGE him cause he was running everyone over! I don't care if your in an electric wheelchair, you don't just RUN people over! How RUDE! ughh!

A building they were painting in West Hollywood.

Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills(; 

Someone on the bus. 

I'm off August 1st, which is the "Change Up" movie premiere with Ryan Reynold's! I NEED his autograph! Can't wait to go! I'll definitely be posting pictures! Make sure to check back!!

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