Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Worked with some in Food Ave today they I just met today. She was really nice and she usually cashier's, but they needed extra help because someone called in. I HATE when I get the "giggles" and they're just uncontrollable! I went to go get someone a bag of popcorn and the whole front of the popcorn machine fell off and ALL the popcorn came pouring down, onto the floor!! I was so embarrassed! And I kept laughing, because it was so disastrous! OMG! what a mess! And it was super busy! And people still wanted that fatty popcornI got out of work earlier than I usually do because, Target closes earlier on Sundays. But I had a pretty exciting day today at Target.

I love my Pillow that my Mom got me with my matching City picture!
My mom sure knows how to decorate!

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