Monday, July 25, 2011


Worked at Target today, and BOY am I exhausted! Such a BUSY Target! I'm really trying to get into the Starbucks there! I mean I am a Starbucks ADDICT! I just might need intervention! or rehab for drinking so MUCH Starbucks! It's like a drug, and it's SO good! MMM. They have the BEST WHIP cream too! I work at Target tomorrow morning. The people there are so nice, I love meeting new people. The Mexican's can be hilarious! I'll start talking to someone and then they'll go, "NO ENGLISH!" I'm like ohhh! It's kind of funny! Some people speak english and spanish and some just speak spanish! I love when people try giving me attitudes! I really love it when I cashier, especially at the Target in New Berlin! One lady told me to "kiss her ass!" cause I told her to have a good night(: So this lady today, wanted the Pizza, breadsticks, medium soda combo. But she wanted a Smoothie instead, I told her it's not the combo then and its going to be more! She was like "can i just pay the difference?" I explained to her again that it's NOT a combo if you want a smoothie! But I rang it up and I told her, her total. And she asked with an attitude, "How did it go from 5 something to almost 10 dollars?" I explained to her's NOT the combo!! I asked her..."Did you still want to purchase this order, before we completed everything? And she kind of was back offish, and was like "I guess?" (With more of an attitude!) So I rang up the order, she payed I was nice to her through all of that, and I gave her, her stuff. She asked for my name...(thats never a good sign!) I told her "NIKO" loud and proud!(: Complain about me I did nothing wrong(: I also told her to have a good night. (She never said "kiss my ass," So I guess thats a plus!) I hate when they try and make you feel guilty and give you an attitude. Ummm, NO! It's your decision  of what you want to order, I didn't make the prices I'M NOT FRECKING PIZZA HUT! So get over yourself, and get over it! Really if this is your biggest problem in life you really need to GROW UP! Like really? People have much bigger problems in life then your STUPID COMBO!

I love people! #Sarcasm

Starbucks GOODNESS! 

I Got home at like 11:00 and had my favorite!, Tuna bagel sandwich! YUM!

Good night world! I have to wake up early. 8:00 LA time.

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