Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Had a great day today! Target was super busy as usual! I worked like 8 hours today. I've been working so much lately. I'm going to have some extra money after I pay my rent :D Urban Outfitters? Louis Vuitton? I can't help it! I like shopping! After work I headed to West LA to go to Whole Foods! Whole Foods is one of my favorite places to buy food! They have everything I LOVE! They have a much better selection of vegetarian foods in Los Angeles! I think it's because there's so many of them here! I got a black bean veggie wrap and a WAT-AAH! I have a CRAZY fascination with water bottles, it's more like a crazy obsession! I had to get this bottle, and I will be going back for the rest of the colors! My favorite kind of water is VOSS! It's in a glass bottle, Lindsay Lohan has been spotted holding it.(: My babysitter when I was younger had one, and I remember loving it so much! She had a CRAZY obsession with water too! While walking on Hollywood Blvd. they have so many CRAZY people in costumes! If you are visiting the Los Angeles area in the future do not give them money! They beg for TIPS! It's so rude! They want all the asian tourists that really don't speak english to tip them. Every time I     see them taking out money I tell them, "Don't give them MONEY!" Can't help it I'm opinionated! (:


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  1. THAT WAS ME!! I was the one with the Voss bottle and I STILL carry with me a water bottle everywhere I go.