Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reading off the bible in NoHO!?!?

Had a very eventful day in Los Angeles yet again!! So much to do here, I SWEAR! Geez! I haven't taken ONE nap! And if you know me well, you know I LOVE my 4 hour naps!! Worked until around lunch tome and headed off to Hollywood. I went shopping at H&M and bought some new clothes. Hollywood Blvd was CRAZY cause of the Planet of the apes movie premiere. James Franco walked the red carpet and Tom Felton also walked the carpet. Tom Felton was very friendly and crossed the street to take pictures with fans. The fans went WILD for him. James Franco didn't even cross the street to sign for the fans or even wave to us!? RUUUDE! So much press and the media was at this premiere, it seemed like more than 'Captain America.' People were in ape costumes walking around Hollywood Blvd. and PETA were holding up signs saying, "APES LOVE CGI." It was pretty funny. Lady Gaga was performing on Jimmy Kimmel so it was also crazy in Hollywood because of this. There were so many Little Monsters waiting to enter, to see Gaga perform! As I was walking back to the subway. A CREEPY Barney was trying to talk to me! LEAVE ME ALONE! He was so creepy! I'll definitely start taking pictures of those characters for you guys!

Didn't take to many pictures today because I forgot the premiere was today and just showed up! Just took a few pictures on my iphone.

 Capital Records on Hollywood/Vine. Building resembles a stack of records with a needle on the top. 

'Rise of the Planet of the Apes" premiere.
The red carpet being set up.

 The crowd went absolutely WILD for Tom Felton! It was OUT OF CONTROL! Ton Felton plays in the Harry Potter movies. And my London traveler buddies swear that we saw him at the Chicago airport! But I'm not sure if it was him or not.

 More CHAOS! 

This tiny group of people have been reading off things from the bible and preaching....he stands on a stool and rambles on and on....he even has a microphone thats hooked up! And there are also people that hand stuff out. I guess they just KNOW im NOT religious! Cause they run right to me! 

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